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Health Human Resources

Accordingly, the Paediatric Nursing Education Partnership COVID-19 Response project designed, implemented, and evaluated four open-access continuing professional development courses related to the pandemic, delivered through a two-pronged approach: e-learning and in-person

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Evaluation of Clinical Skills

Within healthcare and education settings, interactive, competency-based examinations can offer a more holistic approach to the evaluation of clinical skills and performance.

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Nursing education in Ghana: A longitudinal mixed methods evaluation

This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a national pediatric nurse training program in Ghana at the end of 4 years, including eight cohorts with 330 graduates

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& Mental Health

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a leading cause of death among homeless people. This study examines CVD risk factors and 30-year CVD risk in a population of homeless individuals with mental illness.

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This final evaluation is about a not-for-profit collaboration between SickKids Hospital and seven Caribbean institutions that strive to improve the outcomes and quality of life for children with cancer and blood disorders.

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Evaluation of Virtual & Hybrid Programs

This guide outlines practical considerations for evaluation of virtual or hybrid programs and services. In light of COVID-19 pandemic, this document is meant to assist leaders with asking the right questions.

Green Blue World Refugee Day Social Medi

14-item Survey to Measure the Impact of COVID-19 on the Lives of Your Program Participants

This open source survey was created for use by NGOs serving immigrants and refugees. Questions were inspired or adapted from World Health Organization's Apart Together Survey, International Organization for Migration, and academic literature.

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Health of Immigrant Youth

The goal of this literature review is to provide a critical overview of existing research on the health of immigrant youth within between 2000-2010. 

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Immigrant Youth &

Social Services

This article focuses on three issues that influence access to those services: language

and interpretation, confidentiality, and legal status.

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Organizational Learning

Today I will share with you four ways you can help your organizations use evaluation data to make strategic decisions. 2017.

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