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Learn About Theories of Change to Improve Funding Applications and Project Articulation: A Hands-On Interactive Workshop by Vitus Consulting

Updated: Jan 21

Girl standing looking confused with questions marks around her head and floating words that read: results, strategy, theory, outcome

Ever wondered why articulating your project is essential? It's the gateway to funding, partnerships, and impact measurement. A Theory of Change serves as the guiding light, offering a clear and visual summary that resonates with potential stakeholders. Discover how mastering this approach can elevate your project communication skills and set the stage for success.

Why Learn about Theories of Change?

A Theory of Change brings clarity to project design, implementation, and evaluation, serving as a valuable framework for collaboration, decision-making, and project management. Global funders, such as the European Union, Global Affairs Canada, USAID, and Gates Foundation, rely on Theories of Change for decision-making. Learn how Theories of Change guide projects by answering crucial questions about purpose, impact, preconditions, assumptions, and risk strategies.

What's Unique about this Workshop?

Inconsistent terminology associated with Theories of Change often makes them inaccessible to beginners. This workshop offers a solution. The best way to learn about Theories of Change is to dive in and build one using a guided exercise that breaks down complex concepts. Discover the simplicity behind our most popular exercise, the 'soup exercise,' and read testimonials to see how participants, inspired by Dr. Roxana Salehi's approach, have gained valuable insights.

Who Will Teach this Workshop?

Dr. Roxana Salehi, Founder of Vitus Consulting, is a research and evaluation expert with over a decade of experience leading local and multi-country projects in the healthcare field. She has been training leadership teams, NGOs, and entrepreneurs across different sectors and countries on building and using Theories of Change for many years. As a thought leader and the author of numerous scientific publications and reports, Dr. Salehi brings a wealth of expertise to the workshop.

What Will You Learn?

After taking this workshop, you will be able to:

  • List why Theories of Change are useful and who can benefit from them.

  • Understand what constitutes a Theory of Change.

  • Build a simple Theory of Change using a guided exercise.

  • Have access to two useful downloadable resources.

  • Work more effectively with Theory of Change and evaluation experts in the future.

Join the interest list to learn more about the upcoming workshop. Unlock the potential of Theories of Change, gain hands-on experience, and position yourself for success in project articulation.

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